The Siege of Jadotville 2016
The Siege of Jadotville 2016

Plot: In 1961, the UN sends an Irish peacekeeper troop commanded by Commandant Pat Quilan to Katanga, in Congo, to protect the inhabitants of the mining town of Jadotville in the beginning of a civil war. Meanwhile the UN advisor Dr. Conor Cruise O'Brien launches a military attack named Operation Morthor against the French and Belgian mercenaries. Soon there is a reprisal from the mercenaries and Quilana and his men are left under the siege of a huge Katangese and mercenary troops. Will the Irish soldiers resist to the attack?
Story: Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan leads a stand off with troops against French and Belgian Mercenaries in the Congo during the early 1960s.
Did you know: Conor Quinlan, who plays P.J. in the movie, is the real-life grandson of Commandant Pat Quinlan, one of the main heroic characters in the movie. Conor (as P.J.) gets to utter the line, "Quinlan doesn't know what he's doing. He's going to get us killed."
Release date: 07 Oct 2016
User Votes: 7.3
Countries: Ireland, South Africa,
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller, War,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 108 minutes
Oscars: None
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