"Criminal Minds" Seek and Destroy 2017
"Criminal Minds" Seek and Destroy 2017

Story: Based on information from one of Walker's sources, Prentiss decides the team should investigate a spate of robberies and murders in homes in upscale neighborhoods in the San Diego, California area, the crime scenes showing no evidence of forced entry. The crimes were committed by a gang, evidence that it being mixed male and female. The gang partied in the house - the parties fueled by drugs and alcohol - ultimately trashing it, while the victims were kept tied up in another part of the house, where they were ultimately killed, each victim by a single gunshot. The leader, a probable alpha male, seems to be in control, meaning no drugs or alcohol for him, this belief based on the precision of the gunshot wounds, the same on each victim. Among the gang, there is also a second in command who is fiercely loyal to the leader, and a "muscle" who causes most of the damage to the houses. The remaining members of the gang are the followers - the soldiers - whose primary role is the act of the partying and vandalism. They only steal cash and small electronics, pointing to the gang being relatively young. After the team arrives in San Diego, they discover how the gang gained entry into the homes and if the victims were targeted or randomly chosen. There is also another set of victims upon their arrival, with the M.O. being slightly different in that the husband/wife victims were found in the same room where the partying occurred, and that a family portrait was purposefully targeted in the vandalism. These items point to the act of the crimes being deeply personal to the alpha, and that he is devolving, perhaps with the gang falling apart with that devolution. As they discover more evidence, the team will find that all is not as it first appeared, the strings being pulled by someone who has a specific end goal.
Release date: 11 Jan 2017
User Votes: 7.3
Countries: United States,
MPAA Rating: R
Runtime: 40 minutes
Oscars: None
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